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Evelyn Coleman

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Why a Virtual Author Visit?

I decided to (Video Conference) this year mainly because of the economy. It is the next best thing to my being right there with your students. Of course, it takes a little more effort on the teacher's part to make sure the technology is in place, and the students will need to know the protocals of videoconferencing, but I will do everything possible to make this virtual visit a pleasant and stress free experience.

Technology is a wonderful thing... I love it. And through this medium I am able to engage a lot more children than I have in the past.

This doesn't mean I won't visit your school if you want me there, but it does give options to schools who are either pressed for time or financial resources.

How Will This Work?


Evelyn Coleman



How much does it cost?

Because of the economy I am offering a special pricing structure for now. Prices begin at $200.00, however I am open to discussing your particular organization or schools financial structure.

If you know my work, you are aware that I am serious about giving to the community of the world. I do not take budget retraints lightly and I am inclined to reduce my fees whenever possible....

Normally I charge $1,500 a day, plus expenses to do an Author Visit, and the price is the same whether I stay one hour or all day.

The Virtual Author Visit is a way for me to provide my services at a much lower cost. And if you get more than one school to participate I will offer you an additional discount.

As I said before I am serious when I say I want to do this for your schools, libraries and organizations as apart of my own dues to society during this economic crisis.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.