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Grades 5-6: I read one story and then discuss the ideas behind the story. Basically the same as above except in more details. With this group of students I spend more time discussing writing techniques, provide more about their own writing habits. (Approx. time: 45 min.) This includes showing slides/overheads and original materials

Grades 7-12: This is a much more writing intensive workshop. Kids are given assignments before I come to class. We not only discuss my writing but other writers and the kid's work. I take them through the publication process from start to finish. And we also examine the structure of story.


(Approx. 50 min.) usually this must be small classes and I prefer working longer periods with students who have already expressed an interesting in writing or storytelling. This basically applies to all higher grades as well.

Lastly, order the Educational movie from Phoenix Films, White Socks Only and I'll discuss making a book into a film.




My contact information is:

(850) 765-2367or


My Philosophy:

It is very important for me to expose children to the ideas of love, sharing and acceptance. I discuss prejudice, isolation, anger and racism in all my lectures. Students and teachers are invited to accept a challenge: make at least one friend that you ordinarily would not make. Someone you feel is totally different in race, culture and likes and dislikes is the kind of friend I want you to make. Then work hard to become intimate friends, visit each other, discuss your feelings with each other and above all else be honest about how you feel. I believe that the only way we can change the world is by speaking out against all forms of injustice and working hard to ensure friendships and peace among all peoples.


I'm the author of twenty books for children of all ages and some 50+ articles for adults. I was a psychotherapists, hypnotherapists and stress management trainer for thirteen years before beginning a career in writing. (SEE BIO & AWARDS)

If you are interested in receiving more information about a visit or wish to book time on my calendar, simply contact me by phone or e-mail. Once we do set up a date, I will provide a contract to your school detailing our financial agreement.

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