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Kindergarten: I read one story to them and have a brief question and answer period about my writing. (Max. 15 min.) a class

Grades 1-2: I read one of my books then discuss the origin of the book and how some of my other book ideas came to me. I share with the students my daily work habits. My early childhood experiences that led to my writing career. Depending on the students, I talk about how a book gets published. (Approx. time: 30 -45 mins.) This includes showing slides/overheads and original materials


Grades 3-4: I read one book then discuss it. Usually it is my book, White Socks Only. After reading it, I talk about why I wrote it and how important it is for us to embrace all people. I also talk about activism. That it is our duty to speak up whenever we see something wrong. I help children sort out their feelings about differences and what makes another person different through the use of a few exercises. The session includes information on how to get ideas, the process of story development, the research techniques I use, and the difference between writing fiction and non-fiction. I show them the various steps books go through until publication by sharing my original work. (Approx. time: 45 min.) This includes showing slides/overheads and original materials.CONTINUED