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I live in Atlanta, Georgia, one block from the Atlanta Zoo. Sometimes I cansit on my front porch swing and hear the elephants and giraffes singing. What a wonderful tune they can croon.

My mother was a teacher for over thirty years. My father was a carpenter, painter and furnace man, until he died at the age of 52. I was very sad when he died and it took me many years to get over it. I was in my first year of college. 

My freshman English teacher, a woman named Miss Linda Hodge, at North Carolina Central University was the first person to tell me that I should become a writer. (If you know her tell her I am trying to find her)  At that time I had never met a black writer and couldn't imagine they could exist. Now, I know better. In fact many of the writers that I loved at the time, including James Weldon Johnson and Langston Hughes were still alive but I didn't know it. Not meeting them is one of my greatest regrets.I was born in a small town, Burlington, North Carolina. My mother and brother and many cousins still live there. When I grew up my grandmother lived right next door. And many of my aunts, uncles and cousins lived on the same street. My father was a wonderful man who loved to take me every where he went. I have one brother who is 10 and 1/2 months younger than me. 

When I was a little girl I loved to tell stories. My brother, who we called Eddie Joe, would give me his lunch money, his allowance and all his deserts just to hear one of my stories. So you see, I've always been a storyteller. 

I love to write for children. And one day I hope you'll feel the same way too.

I'm married to Talib Din. My husband is a great man. He is an Indo-European Linguist. That means he studies the origin and syntax of languages. He is also a musician. He has played every instrument except the cello. He is kind, gentle and strong at the same time. I think if you met him you would love him too.

I have two daughters that are already adults. One is a visual artist and the other is a former rapper, writer and business woman. They are both very kind people who love and embrace everyone. I am very proud of them. I also have a granddaughter who is seventeen-years-old and a three-year-old grandson.



Coming Soon - More about my grandchildren